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Meet DEVA LOKITA (Brenda Randroo)

Now is the time to start on a new journey, the time to meet Brenda Randroo or Deva Lokita to use her sannyasin (meditation name).

Deva Lokita is an international meditation facilitator at Osho International Meditation Resort, a guided meditation instructor, a Kobido Japanese facial massage expert, a self-hypnosis teacher, and a passionate therapist who has committed herself to promoting relaxation and awareness.


Every experience tells us something about ourselves. Some show us we have made the right decision. Others act as a warning not to make the same mistake again. Others still lead us to push for a change to discover our real path in life

Deva Lokita’s meditation story begins with a desire for change. 

Brenda knew that her life was about to change when she visited the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India in 2013. The biggest meditation centre in the world. Her life path would shift from pursuing a management and business career to a whole different journey. 

We are often trained by our parents and our societies. So, we unconsciously take on their goals in life as well as their values: “Be successful at all costs”, “never let it go”, “always chase your dreams stubbornly”… So, we walk someone else’s path rather than our own. In actual fact, we fulfill somebody else’s dream. Once this eye-opening realization made me more and more interested about my potential, my true nature and how to live it out, I knew that I was meant to share this knowledge with the ones who need it.”

Through meditation and mindfulness, she discovered her true path in life which led to a personal awakening. During her meditation teaching journey, she has worked with numerous meditation experts such as Veet Mano WannaquotAnil Chandwani and Sudheer P.Niet. In addition to her teaching career, Deva has facilitated lots of events in Estonia and India. Now she has accumulated ten years of experience in multiple teaching methods of and countless happy stories from her students.

“Meditation is awareness. It helps you accept and surrender. Then comes the change...”

- Brenda Randroo

Meditation Instructer
brenda randroo osho active meditation class in tallinn 3 devalokita com | Deva Lokita

Deva Lokita is currently teaching to both meditation students and practitioners of all skill levels in Estonia and India. Her teaching skills consist of various methods such as OSHO Active Meditations® and OSHO Meditative Therapies® (including Kundalini, Dynamic, and Mystic Rose), Kobido Japanese Facial massage, relaxation and guided meditation techniques. 

Mostly influenced and inspired by Osho Meditation techniques, her approach to mentorship is gentle, compassionate, generous, and truly bespoke.

Are you a beginner in meditation? Interested in learning meditation techniques and how to meditate? If you are at a stage in your life where your experiences are telling you to ‘change’, now is the time to meet Deva. 

Deva Lokita’s Qualifications

Certified Meditation Teacher

Certified Meditation Facilitators Teacher

Certified Meditative Therapies teacher

Osho Mystic Rose®, Osho No-Mind®, Osho Reminding Yourself of The Forgotten Language of Talking to your BodyMind®

Certified in Kobido Japanese Facial Massage

Certified Self-Hypnosis Teacher

Law graduate

The Institute of Law in Tallinn