Meditation Programs

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OSHO Active Meditation®

Besides the most-known OSHO Dynamic® and OSHO Kundalini Meditation® there are 10 other active meditation techniques developed by OSHO. These are as follows: Nadabrahma meditation, Gourishankar, Nataraj, Chakra Breathing, Chakra Sounds, Devavani, Mandala, Vipassana, Whirling, No-Dimensions.

Deva Lokita will help you find the right technique for you depending on your needs and physical capacity.

These 12 techniques are all designed for today’s man and woman. Let’s hear these techniques from OSHO:

“Modern man is a very new phenomenon, and no traditional method can be used exactly as it exists, because modern man has never existed before. Modern man is a new phenomenon. So in a way, all traditional methods have become irrelevant. Their spirit is not irrelevant, but their form has become irrelevant because this man is new”. OSHO

If you are a beginner, an advanced practitioner or somewhere in between – contact Deva Lokita today to take your practice to the next level.

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OSHO Mystic Rose®

Deva Lokita has been participating in the OSHO Mystic Rose® meditative therapy course at the OSHO Meditation Resort in Pune, India since 2013. She has also been teaching there for the last five years. OSHO Mystic Rose® is an intense 3-week programme where you can transform your life in 3 steps laughing, crying, and sitting silently. 

Ready for a whole new journey in your life? Get in touch for more information about how to attend OSHO Mystic Rose®

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Guided Meditations & Relaxation Techniques

Guided meditations are techiques where you enter the state of meditation whith the guidance of the teachers voice. It is your own personal journey with just a little help using a voice and words. 

Deva Lokita offers OSHO Meditative Therapy: Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to your BodyMind®  It is a beautiful, very relaxing guided process to come closer and become friends with Yourself, to start loving and accepting Yourself, helping to become free of some bad habbits or behavior patterns that are just not good for you.

In addition there are also many beautiful guided techiques from OSHO “The Book of Secrets”

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Kobido Japanese Facial Massage

Kobido means “old way of beauty” in Japanese. This traditional facial massage tones the entire face through pressure, vibration, percussion, and tapping. It rejuvenates the skin, reducing the effects of the aging process. With a regular routine, this massage visibly improves the appearance of skin, reduces eye bags, and leaves you with a fully relaxed mind. 

Beyonds its skin boosting benefits, Kobido Japanese facial massage soothes body and mind as well. 

Deva Lokita is a certified Kobido Japanese Facial Massage expert who has helped dozens achieve much brighter skin. 

If you want to have glowing skin that doesn’t reveal your age, give this soothing experience as a gift to yourself today.

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What comes to your mind when we say ‘self-hypnosis’? 

Self-Hypnosis is the opposite of regular hypnosis that we know. When regular hypnosis is done with a hypnotist and the person is dependent on someone else, it is quite the opposite for self-hypnosis.

It is a life-changing method that you can do for yourself without being dependent on someone else.

By learning self-hypnosis, you will have a new practical tool for your daily life. It will help you connect with your inner silence and let go of the past, tensions and stress. Of so many other benefits, overcoming fears and having restful sleep will significantly increase your life quality as well.

To find more about self-hypnosis and how it can change your life, get in touch with Deva Lokita today.