Meditation Teacher

Deva Lokita

Deva Lokita (Brenda Randroo) is a Meditation teacher in Estonia

Meditation facilitator at OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India

Guided meditation teacher based in Tallinn, Estonia

Kobido Japanese facial massage expert

Self-hypnosis teacher

Facilitator of OSHO Active Meditations® and OSHO Meditative Therapies®

Therapist with a passion to help others


Learn how to meditate and get tips for having more feel-good moments in your day-to-day life

Brenda Randroo at Osho International Center
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brenda randroo teaching osho active meditation in tallinn devalokita com | Deva Lokita
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brenda randroo osho active meditation class in tallinn devalokita com | Deva Lokita
brenda randroo osho active meditation class in tallinn 2 devalokita com | Deva Lokita
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Welcome to a new phase in your life

Deva Lokita (Brenda Randroo) is a qualified meditation instructor and teacher as well as a Kobido Facial Massage expert with a specialisation in OSHO Active Meditations®and OSHO Meditative Therapies®. Her core values are compassion, empathy, and generosity. And helping others transform their lives is her main inspiration in life.

How can meditation help you?

Feeling anxious? Finding it hard to focus? Suffering from chronic pain? Thinking that now is the time to learn meditation and discover different meditation techniques?

OSHO Active Meditations®

Discover different OSHO Active Meditation techniques and activate your whole being

OSHO Mystic Rose®

Join Lokita for OSHO Mystic Rose meditative therapy in Pune, India to heal and transform

Kobido Facial Massage

Enjoy brighter, younger, and glowing skin.


Discover the depths of your true self and find the answers you are seeking

Body & Mind Balance

Remind yourself of the forgotten language of talking to your body and mind with the guided meditation based on OSHO Meditative Therapy


What are people saying about Deva Lokita?

Now is the time for a change - choosing happiness. Now is the time to learn meditation and relaxation, deepen your knowledge, and meet Deva Lokita

"The training of meditation leaders was very well structured, consisting of both practice and theory. I was able to experience all active meditations, as well as short meditations that can be used in my daily life and editorial work. Thank you for this tutorial!"
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"The training provided a very thorough overview of all active meditations. There was confidence to start sharing them with others. Many thanks!"
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"I would not have expected that in addition to active meditations, the training would include awareness techniques that can be used in different situations in life and can be done in a matter of minutes. These techniques have also proven to be very useful in everyday life, both at work and at home."
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Active meditation is a style that advocates movement followed by silence. It was created by Indian mystic Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, later known as Osho.

The active meditation techiques were created for modern man. To help the contemporary man reach an experience of meditation, self-observation and inner stillness much easier and faster, Osho, the twentieth century Indian mystic, created several active meditation techniques. These meditations are used by millions of people around the globe with extraordinary results, and aid the modern mad to experience inner silence and stillness a lot faster than what can be achieved through a long practice of passive sitting. The OSHO Active Meditations® are not only fast and effective, but they are also easy and enjoyable to practice.

Each Active Meditation technique is an hour long practice and consists of 3 to 5 stages that incorporate elements of breathing, shaking, humming jumping, dancing, and free movement. After active parts the silence and stillness follow. 

Kobido Japanese facial massage is a combination of traditional Oriental medicine and massage techniques created in Japan in the 15th century.

Kobido Japanese facial massage stimulates blood circulation in the face, neck and whole body and releases tensions that are trapped in the muscles of the face, head and neck. Massage can rejuvenate facial tissues and reduce the effects of the aging process. This is done through the nervous system and by stimulating blood circulation, improving the lymphatic system, strengthening and toning muscles, providing energy and supporting the flow of energy in the face.

Face massage improves the appearance of the face and relaxes the entire body system.

OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind® is a guided one-week process, lasting one hour per day. It can then be continued or refreshed at any time.

In a light trance, combining deep relaxation with alertness, you will explore and befriend your bodymind’s creative and self-healing energies. You will be able to focus these energies on specific issues, such as smoking, eating imbalances, insomnia, aches and pains anything that needs to be brought to wholeness and balance again.

By bringing awareness to the self-healing process, you will be more relaxed with your body and self-nurturing will start to happen naturally and spontaneously.

Self-Hypnosis is the opposite of regular hypnosis what we know. Regular hypnosis is done with hypnotist so the person is dependent on someone else. Self-Hypnosis is a method that you can do for yourself without beeing dependent on someone else. 

You will learn a practical tool for your daily life, helping you to connect with your inner silence whenever you want; to go deeper into meditation, to relax, to remain peaceful and relaxed even during difficult times, to let go of the past, tensions and stress, to sleep well, to overcome fears etc.